Pet Portraits

You know that your pet is the most beautiful dog, cat, lizard, llama (or whatever type of creature you have) in the world. So let everyone know! 


I paint charming original paintings of your furry friends that are not only pieces of art, but expressions of your pet’s personality. Painted on canvas in acrylic, each painting is worthy of display and is a family heirloom every bit as valuable as great, great Uncle Henry’s stuffy portrait – but a lot more fun! 


You provide the photo and we provide the fabulous! Colorful and whimsical, the art will be a treasured favorite and will capture your pet’s personality for a lifetime of enjoyment. 


And the dinosaurs! 


I also know that many people want to have a dinosaur for a pet so we offer dinosaur paintings for fans of the Mesozoic Era. These are delightful decor for young art collectors and I am delighted to customize your prehistoric portrait.


Does your art fan prefer another species? I look forward to creating engaging art of any species.